Omega Charitable Foundation of Omaha

The Foundation is a 501-c(3) corporation organized for the following purposes:  To foster and promote the involvement of its members in civic and charitable endeavors through mutual corporation, collaboration, joint planning and organized execution; and to provide charitable service to the various communities of its membership so as to foster and promote the advancement of each community. To provide group mentoring, life skills training and educational assistance to individuals and organizations in the greater Omaha metropolitan area of Nebraska.


Omaha Beautillion Goals & Objectives

  • To assist young men in the preparation of making a transition from high school to a successful college career or other career upon completion of high school.  The idea of the young men preparing themselves for college is strongly emphasized.
  • To provide networking opportunities for the Beaus by connecting them to business professionals from the Omaha community.
  • To assist in reiterating the benefit of having good moral character.
  • To develop self worth and respect in the young men where necessary.
  • To advise and teach goal setting, financial responsibility, communication, interpersonal and other basic skills that are important to meaningful achievement in society.
  • To involve and make each candidate aware of opportunities in their schools, churches, and communities.
  • An opportunity for Mother's to present their sons to the public as they transition into manhood.
  • An opportunity for young men to publicly demonstrate the value they place on their Mothers and they have played in their lives.
  • An opportunity for the participants to earn college scholarships.
  • To generate monetary support in an effort to provide educational opportunities for deserving young men aspiring to acquire higher education
  • To cultivate and encourage high scholastic achievement, exemplary character, and promote community service.

Omaha Beautillion History
The first Beautillion in Omaha Nebraska was held in October 1977 at the Peony Park Ballroom, presented by the Urban League of Nebraska’s Women’s Guild.  The idea for the Beautillion in Omaha was suggested by Guild member, the late Dorothy Allen who had attended the National Urban League Regional Conference where the concept of the Beautillion was presented.  The program was initially designed as a vehicle to provide mentorship for Omaha area young male high school students through confidence development, self-esteem building and community awareness. Through personal and career development workshops, organizing community service projects and hosting cultural and spiritual activities, the Beautillion has gone on to become a multi-faceted program for young men in the Omaha Community for over 35 years. 

Under the leadership and support of the Urban League and The Women’s Guild, the Beautillion became an elegant black-tie affair in which the next generations of strong young men (Beaus) are presented to the city of Omaha, and are recognized for their academic achievement and commitment during the program.  Over the years it has ultimately provided an opportunity for the Beaus to showcase the most significant part of their lives, their Moms!  

In 2008, the Urban League of Nebraska Guild passed the Beautillion torch to the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  The Beta Upsilon Chapter has continued with the same commitment to excellence while emphasizing Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. The program transitioned to the Omega Charitable Foundation of Omaha in 2013.